Title: “Guayasamín: A Legacy in Three Stages”

Technique: Hand-painted mural on wood, 2m x 10m

Description: This triptych mural pays tribute to the trajectory of maestro Oswaldo Guayasamín in three key stages of his career. From the “Age of Anger” with intense
colors and expressionism, to the “Epoch of Tenderness” with soft tones and gestures of solidarity, and finally the “Artistic Maturity” with a balance of lights and shadows,
this mural captures the essence and impact of Guayasamín’s legacy in representing the human condition. A homage to the transformative art and social commitment of the maestro, inspiring Plexxo.

Location: Museo La Capilla del Hombre de Oswaldo Guayasamín, Quito, Ecuador.

Date: 2021 – present.

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