JULIANA PLEXXO (Colombia 1994)

Juliana Plexxo is a Colombian-born artist who has taken the art world by storm. Raised in Quito, Ecuador, Juliana’s love for visual arts was cultivated at a young age, drawing inspiration from esteemed painter Oswaldo Guayasamín.

In 2019, Juliana was invited to join the prestigious workshop of Joan Barbará in Barcelona, Spain, which has hosted legendary artists such as Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, and Antoni Tàpies. Specializing in the ancestral technique of engraving, Juliana’s unique and distinctive style is shaped by her utilization of copper plates. However, what sets her apart is her decision to destroy the metal plate after the process, ensuring that there are no duplicates of her work and giving each piece a sense of exclusivity.

Juliana’s artistic mark extends beyond her workshop endeavors, with her collaborative mural projects gracing the vibrant Wynwood district in Miami and the former residence of Simón Bolívar in Ecuador.

Recognized for her excellence and potential, Juliana was nominated for the “Best Young Talent” award by the University of Berkeley, California. Her outstanding contributions to the art world have also earned her a prestigious place on Forbes’ 2022 list of the 50 most creative people.

Juliana holds the distinction of being the first female artist to exhibit her work at “La Capilla del Hombre Museum” in Quito, following the passing of maestro Guayasamín. Her exhibitions at renowned locations such as Soho House in Los Angeles and Barcelona, as well as the Yacht Club in Monaco, have solidified her place as a contemporary artist to watch. Additionally, she has participated in art fairs across the Americas and Europe, including the one in Innsbruck, Austria.

– 2023 Juliana Plexxo x Studio 46 Barcelona – Art Basel Miami Week – 
National Hotel South Beach Miami, USA 
– 2023 “Bridging the Gap Between Past and Present in Art”
Hotel Sir Victor – The Cover, Barcelona.
– 2023 “Skins” Art exhibition at Le Consulat
Paris, France
– 2023 Permanent exhibition Studio 46 by Joan Barbarà Barcelona, Spain
– 2023 Exhibition “Collector’s dinner at Restaurant JOK” Barcelona, Spain
– 2023 Exhibition “Awka Pop Up Store” Luxembourg
–  2023 Exhibition at Luxury Mall Sanremo
Sanremo, Italy
–  2022 Exhibition “Manipura” at her own Studio in Miami
Miami Art Week, Miami, United States
– 2022 Exhibition “The Kybalion By Plexxo” at Palau Dalmases Gallery
Barcelona, Spain
– 2022 Live painting Mural with AR at Faena Forum
Miami, USA
– 2022 Exhibition “The Kybalion By Plexxo” ArtiVive Gallery
Vienna, Austria
–  2022 Exhibition at Soho Warehouse
Los Angeles, USA
– 2022 Berkeley University
Responsible for carrying out the annual awards transformed into works of art for the prestigious University of Berkeley in California, USA.
– 2021 Exhibition at Innerspace Art Gallery
Los Angeles, USA
– 2021 Exhibition at La Capilla del Hombre Museum by Oswaldo Guayasamín
Quito, Ecuador
– 2021 Interactive exhibition and live painting mural
Soho House BCN. Barcelona, Spain
– 2021 Interactive mural with Augmented Reality
Missony Art Festival. Costa Brava, Spain
– 2021 Exhibition of the Mural “Raíces” in honor of the Indigenous in the old residence of Simón Bolivar, Hacienda Pinsaqui.
Simon Bolivar Residence in Otavalo, Ecuador
– 2021 Van Gogh Art Gallery
Madrid, Spain
– 2021 Innsbruck Art Fair
Innsbruck, Austria
– 2020 Art Basel mural “LATINOAMERICA”
Wynwood, Miami, USA
– 2020 Begemot Art Gallery 2020
Barcelona, Spain
– 2019 Exhibition (Art in motion) Holiday Inn Express Hotel
Bogota, Colombia
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