– Upcoming Event Nov 10 – Dec 9, 2023 “Bridging the Gap Between Past and Present in Art”
Hotel Sir Victor – The Cover, Barcelona.
– October 20, 2023 “Skins” Art exhibition at Le Consulat
Paris, France
– 2023 Permanent exhibition Workshop 46 Joan Barbarà Barcelona
– 2023 Exhibition “Collector’s dinner at Restaurant JOK” Barcelona, Spain
– 2023 Exhibition “Awka Pop Up Store” luxembourg
–  2023 Exhibition at Luxury Mall Sanremo
Sanremo, Italy
–  2022 Exhibition “Manipura” at her own Studio in Miami
Miami Art Week, Miami, United States
– 2022 Exhibition “The Kybalion By Plexxo” at Palau Dalmases Gallery
Barcelona, Spain
– 2022 Live painting Mural with AR at Faena Forum
Miami, United States
– 2022 Exhibition “The Kybalion By Plexxo” ArtiVive Gallery
Vienna, Austria
–  2022 Exhibition at Soho Warehouse
Los Angeles, United States
– 2022 Berkeley University
Responsible for carrying out the annual awards transformed into works of art for the prestigious University of Berkeley in California.
– 2021 Exhibition at Innerspace Art Gallery
Los Angeles, United States
– 2021 Exhibition at La Capilla del Hombre Museum by Oswaldo Guayasamín
Quito, Ecuador
– 2021 Interactive exhibition and live painting mural
Soho House Barcelona. Barcelona, Spain
– 2021 Interactive mural with Augmented Reality
Missony Art Festival. Costa Brava, Spain
– 2021 Exhibition of the Mural “Raíces” in honor of the Indigenous in the old residence of Simón Bolivar, Hacienda Pinsaqui.
Simon Bolivar Residence in Otavalo, Ecuador
– 2021 Van Gogh Art Gallery
Madrid, Spain
– 2021 Innsbruck Art Fair
Innsbruck, Austria
– 2020 Art Basel mural “LATINOAMERICA”
Wynwood, Miami, United States
– 2020 Begemot Art Gallery 2020
Barcelona, Spain
– 2019 Exhibition (Art in motion) Holiday Inn Express Hotel
Bogota, Colombia
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Mixed Media


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