“Ether” is a flat copper sculpture that captures the essence of ether, a subtle and spiritual substance believed to permeate the cosmos and connect all things. The piece seeks to convey the idea of this ethereal entity that is considered the foundation of life energy and establishes a bridge between the material and spiritual world.

The sculpture presents abstract and organic forms that evoke the fluidity and vibration of ether. Copper, with its warm tone and natural shine, brings a sense of strength and durability to the artwork, while also allowing for an appreciation of the details and textures.

Artist: Juliana Plexxo 

Title: ÉTER, 2023

Technique: Flat sculpture on cooper plate (85 x 100 cm) (33,46 x 39,37 in)

Collection Name: “Ether: Uniting Opposites”

Price: 25,000 €


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Flat sculpture on cooper plate (85cm x 100cm)


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