“Strength” is Juliana Plexxo’s most distinctive artwork. The engraving is a mixture of copper pieces with acrylic brushstrokes that conceal childhood within the world of bullfighting and the ovation, respect, and admiration for the bull that Plexxo has had and experienced at a young age.

Strength signifies that if you have the strength to endure the most difficult moments, then you will also have the strength to celebrate the happiest and most abundant moments.

Artist: Juliana Plexxo

Title: Fuerza, 2021

Technique:Engraving & acrylic (76 x 55,5 cm)

Collection Name: The Roots

Price: SOLD


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Engraving & acrylic 76 x 55,5 cm

Or send us an email to info@julianaplexxo.es

Mixed Media


Or send us an email to info@julianaplexxo.es