“Capote” is the name of the “capote de brega,” a cape used by bullfighters to perform maneuvers and passes during the bullfight.

The artwork “Capote” would be a visual representation of Juliana Plexxo’s childhood, where she accompanied her father to bullfights at a young age. Vibrant colors and dynamic strokes remained in her mind to convey the excitement of the moment, with the figure of the bull and the bullfighter in a play of movements and tension.

“The Com-union of Ideas” would seek to convey the importance of diversity of thought and collaboration in the creative process. Encouraging open-mindedness and the appreciation of different perspectives, the artwork would invite viewers to reflect on the richness that arises when ideas meet and intertwine.

Artist: Juliana Plexxo 

Title: Capote, 202

Technique:Engraving & acrylic 77X120cm

Price: Sold


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