“Artist” is a piece that portrays the passion and intensity of the creative process. In it, an artist immerses themselves in their artistic world, surrounded by tools and materials. The vibrant strokes and colors reflect the energy and emotion flowing as they bring their vision to life on the canvas. With symbolic elements and dynamic composition, the artwork invites the viewer to reflect on the significance of art and the dedication involved in being an artist.

At the center of the composition, there is an androgynous figure surrounded by brushes, easels, and other characteristic art elements.

Artist: Juliana Plexxo (Colombian-Ecuadorian, born 1994)

Title: Artista 2023

Technique: Engraving (collage) on different cooper plates, watercolor & acrylic                (44 x 70,5 cm)

Collection Name: Mysticism

Price: Sold


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